Two Wedding Gowns?

 An emerging trend in 2010 is the second wedding dress. The first one being the ceremony gown and the second the reception gown or dress. Many couples today do not want a traditional stuffy or sedate reception. They want their reception to feel like the party of the year, especially after the meal when everyone hits the dance floor. When a bride does decide to wear a different gown for the reception, usually is it a much lighter weight dress than the gown for the ceremony. The second dress should have some sizzle to it - you can choose a more daring style than you wore for the service.Part of the fun of having two wedding gowns is the wow factor when your guests see your quick change act! A slinky beaded sheath would be incredible on a sophisticated bride. Another option would be to choose one of the tea or knee length bridal gowns that designers now offer. Here are some ideas:

Roberto Cavalli


Antik Batik


Phillip Lim

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