Spring Towards the Best! by Guest Blogger: Marcia Mitchell

I’ve heard Newlyweds say time and time again, “We need a Wedding Band, but we don’t want a Wedding Band. Does that make any sense?” My response? “Oh yeah!”

It is important that the music played on your Wedding Day is sheer perfection and should be regarded as “The Director of First Impressions.” It sets the ambiance for the day and is primarily heard before anyone gets the first opportunity to greet another guest.

As it resonates throughout the vicinity of your venue, it is important that the music is appropriate for each phase of the event. Your Entertainers should maintain the proper noise levels, play the right selections, and most importantly, have a good sound.

A sound that is projected through high quality equipment and operated by Music Industry Professionals who take pride in their work. Professionals that care about the final results as much as you do. You’re probably thinking, ‘how do I know who the “professionals” are?’ That’s simple. Ask your other Vendors. Why? Because they work with these individuals from week to week and are usually at these events during their entirety and they see and hear EVERYTHING. Of course, getting this information from those whom have good business ethics themselves and integrity, will be a major plus for you. You will know.

Don’t set yourself up by running with Music Companies who say all the right things, compare their products to other companies, offer you the right price, and moreso, that come up short in the Customer Service Department because you will surely be in for a surprise.

No one needs drama! We all want our Special Event to be the best event that anyone has ever attended, for it to have uniqueness, good energy, and to have the most awesome music ever!

You only get one shot at this so you might as well do the right thing and ”spring toward the best!”

MMM, Inc is an innovative Musical Entertainment Production Company that specializes in providing the "best of the best" of Bands and "Entertainers" for the "who's who." Celebrity Events and Weddings are our forte.

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