Thursday's Wine: 2007 Acorn Medley Alegria Vineyards Russian River Valley Red Blend

 This is truly a blended wine. Take a look at how the process took place. After that you'll have to go pick up a bottle!

Lot 1 was a field blend that included Syrah, Cinsaut, six Muscat varieties, Mourvedre (Mataro), and Viognier. For Lot 2, a blend of Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Alicante Bouschet, and other varieties from their old Zin field blend were crushed and co-fermented along with several table grapes. A blend of Cabernet Franc and Syrah was crushed and co-fermented for the third lot. The three lots were fermented in ¾ ton open top fermenters with a combination of native and cultured yeasts and gently punched down several times a day to extract color and flavor. After the completion of malolactic fermentation, the three lots were racked and blended. Later, more field-blended Zinfandel and Syrah were added to the base blend to create this elegant and complex wine.  
Excerpt from Tasting Room

Price: $32.00

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