Thursday's Wine: 2008 Paringa Sparkling Shiraz

This week I'd like you to challenge yourself to something different. Today's wine choice is 2008 Paringa Sparkling Shiraz. This is a fantastic Australian wine--It's dark, rich, and juicy - full of fruit flavor and bubbles. Crisp, clean, raspberry and blueberry fruits on the nose. Velvety, creamy tannins, persistent length of palate and delightful full flavored finish.

Similarly, sparkling shiraz (which should be served slightly chilled but not as cold as a sparkling white) is a perfect accompaniment to a heavy winter meal – especially an occasion, like Thanksgiving turkey dinner. The fruity undertones of the wine go well with the meat while the light bubbles help to cut through some of the salt and fat. serving it with duck, goose, heavy cream cheeses, crème caramel, decadent chocolate cakes or, pretty much anything you would otherwise think of serving with a fruity accompaniment. In Australia, it’s commonly served with Christmas Dinner, lamb and even kangaroo.
Price: $11.99

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