Hosting Your First Dinner Party as Newlyweds

So you managed to get through the big day and the honeymoon is over. You're excited to break out your new china but don't have the first clue about hosting a dinner party. Here are a few tips for a successful dinner party!

To start, these are busy times so it's important to extend invitations to guest well in advance. For an informal occasion invitation should be extended a week ahead. More formal occasions, or parties to which you may be inviting people you don't know particularly well, require the courtesy of at least two weeks notice. It's very important to stay organized so make a shopping list. Divide it into those items that you can purchase at the grocery store, wine shop, specialty food store and flower shop.

As a wine consultant, I can tell you that with choosing the menu the occasion itself will guide you to the foods you might serve. I always remember color when choosing my menu. It's easy to choose great foods but they don't always look good together on the plate. Jazz up your menu with contrasting colors. Vegetables can provide all kinds of colors. Like squash, green beans and purple eggplant. Also remember to inquire if any of your guests have any important food issues--vegetarian, low fat, diabetic and serious allergies.

Once you've selected a menu, the next step is choosing the wine. Here are some general guidelines that will help you along the way. Have you ever heard the term "Red with meat, white with fish"? Well not anymore. It's more flexible these days. Poultry, veal, pork, salmon and lobster call for either light red wines or robust white wines. Don't get nervous! Speak with your local wine merchant to help you in your decision making. Also, don't feel as though you have to pay a fortune on a bottle of wine to get quality. I recommend places such as WineStyles, Vino 100 and Total Wine.

A well-planned centerpiece will enhance the party's festive air. Flowers are the mose obvious choice however, nicely arranged seasonal vegetables, herbs and fruits also make stunning nonfloral decorations. Keep you centerpieces low and spread out. This will allow guest to see each other across the table. Candles on the otherhand always add a lovely ambience and flatters anyone seen in its glow. Note: Avoid scented candles as this will detract your guests' appreciation of the food and wine.

our first dinner party as newlyweds should be an exciting occasion. After planning an entire wedding, you will already have all of the organizational skills in place to put together a terrific party!

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