Guest Blogger: Joanna Hendrie Presents Mariage A L'Orange


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Front Door Greeting “The French Kiss Cocktail” with Orange twists
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 L’Orange the color of Festivity! - Here I’ve created a loose mood board for my bride and groom Pru and Dom centered on this sexy color. Together we’re in the pre-planning stages for their late summer 2011 Ojai wedding and reception – and the first element the couple wants to complete is an initial mood board for an overview of the reception - one of three mood boards to define the occasion. The beautiful redheaded Pru and handsome Dom are both architects and live in Orange County. The venue for the wedding has always been Pru’s parent’s large Ojai home’s backyard. Besides being her home the house has special meaning to Pru, as an only child she has spent days alone dreaming, building and designing in the sand & dirt future houses, cities and roads. Those formative years led to Pru's decision to become a creative – an architect. What I have learned from Pru and Dom and from most of my clients, they want to be married at home or at least celebrate very close to home with the inclusion of close family and friends. Pru’s favorite foods are apples and oranges, as she has grown up amidst orange and tangerine groves in the Ojai Valley and she respects the colors of the orchards’ orange and green. Deferring most of the design and concept to Pru, Dom however does shares her come hither personality - both are low key, but charming, relaxed, sunny, easy, breezy and confident in their choices. And it’s good to know that they both love vibrant, strong colors. Pru and Dom want to add architectural and design elements to their wedding and reception as a reflection of them as a couple, as designers and architects.


Taking inspiration from great interior and architectural designers they admire, and reflecting on their architectural principles they have begun designing their grand day. Pru and Dom are in the design stage, and their vision is tight - now they are resurrecting memories, combining their future dreams and are outlining their “Dream Reception”

• They have incorporated several bold-patterned slipper chairs for relaxation set in two areas adjacent to the dance floor one for the wedding party and an area for guests. Reflecting what we are seeing as wedding trends, again this occasion is considerate, intimate and homey. And at the same time it will be so unexpected for guests to see these elements in such a space as a tent. Later the chairs will be moved into the couple’s home as wing chairs in the dining and living room.

• A French 6’ pine table will serve double duty as a “Vin and Fromage” tasting table” complete with a “Greeting Cocktail” - ”The French Kiss” with Orange Twists; other French Aperitifs, mixers and garnishes, French cheeses and small baguettes.

• Later in the evening the same pine table will double as a “The Scotch Bar” and offerings of candied pecans, fried fruit, pineapple and hand make crackers.

• Canopies and tents are to be ordered – and several custom made by a local sail maker in small, large shapes and vintage shapes – the reception tent will be lined with a punchy small stripe fabric in the colors to match the slipper chairs. The same fabric is to be used for the “The Ladies’ Vanity Tent”, “The Bride’s Canopy” and a Children’s Tent.

• Stylish and sophisticated, edible cocktails are to be created as well as cootie catcher menus

• Local Caterer is serving up “in-season courses” and she will use locally grown ingredients as well. (Within 100 miles).

• A few vintage and modern chandeliers in the space are being considered.

• Lastly – in addition to wedding rings and earring a simple architectural gold cuff for Pru’s slim wrist and arms has been acquired.

Let’s Toast This Lovely, Beautiful And Creative Couple.
Share In Their Celebrations With



A flair of ginger liqueur, add the best rum & and the very best tropical orange and guava juice.

Recommendations - make fresh squeezed orange juice and combine with guava juice.
Use good Ron Zacapa Centenario rum it is aged rum that can be found at specialty liquor stores.
Use Domaine de Canton - a ginger-flavored liqueur that can be found at specialty liquor stores too.

2 ounces orange-guava juice

1 1/2 ounces aged rum, such as Ron Zacapa Centenario
1/2 ounce ginger liqueur, such as Domaine de Canton
4 dashes orange bitters


Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and fill with ice. Cover and shake until thoroughly chilled.
Strain into a rocks glass.

Raise your glasses!

Look into each others eyes!

And say – With feeling!


By: Joanna Hendrie

Joanna Hendrie Events & Fetes
PMB 414 Orchid Ave.
Corona del Mar, CA 92625

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