Marilyn Monroe Style

 Marilyn Monroe often claimed to be blasse about fashion and clothes, but she was extremely strategic about what she wore. She singlehandedly created her iconic look - platinum blonde hair, inviting red pout and killer dresses to accentuate her perfect hourglass figure. While her blonde tresses, beauty spot and red lipstick are often cited as key elements of her style, her look was actually more complex. Great intelligence and thought went into its creation. Her outfits only ever had one purpose - to show off her body which she understood was the key to her success.

There are very few pictures of Marilyn Monroe in loud colors or garish prints. She favored classic, muted shades - cream, black, chocolate brown, champagne colors - but most of all, white. This mania for white fed into all aspects of her appearance. She kept her skin out of the sun to keep its porcelain appearance, her hair became more platinum by the year and she only wore diamonds - never colored gems which might detract attention from her face and body. She expertly applied luminous make up, glossy lips, and selected white or shimmering gowns for the red carpet to make it look like she reflected more light than other Hollywood actresses. She favored simple pencil skirts, sweaters and well cut dresses for day. Her evening wear was never overly embellished or accessorized, but were cut for maximum sex appeal. The smile, open expression, the walk were all as much part of her "look" as the clothes she chose to wear.

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