Lifestyle: Bed Hog Sheets

So what is the definition of a bed hog? I looked it up online and here is what it said:
Bed Hog - Definition - The bed hog is someone that takes over the entire bed, either shoving you up against the wall so you can't even breathe, or pushing you off the side,If they don't hog the bed, they hog the blankets, rolling up like they were wrapped in a cocoon, leaving you blanketless and shivering (Thanks to the folks at Urban Dictionary for the funny definition). 

Well you don't have to worry about bed hogs anymore. Check out this adorable "His & Her" sheet set from Bed Hog. These sheets are made of 100% cotton sateen and have a 300-thread count. Available in sizes King and Queen.  Retail price: $69.99-79.99

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