Wedding Trends by Laura Reed

Whew! The last couple of months have been busy here at Kate Aspen. We’re redesigning our consumer website to bring brides more up-to-the-minute, cutting edge information on trends and styles plus we begin the first launch of our brand, spanking new wedding favors here very soon. So exciting!

One thing we really enjoy is our ongoing conversations with brides-to-be. We ask about their wedding plans, and they fill us in on all the juicy details. Our design team pours over their input and voila! We’re able to bring the highest quality, most “uniquely you” wedding favors to the market.

From our bride-to-be surveys, you might be interested to know that while colors and styles change, some things remain constant. Take colors, for instance. The latest data shows that white is still the favored, main color theme for weddings. Follow that with blues and then black and you have the top three main color selections going into the 2010 wedding season.

Then it gets interesting – because the “pop” is in the color pairings. We see brides pairing all the colors of the rainbow with their main theme favorites. Some direct quotes from our survey:

White with: 

Tiffany Blue
Forest Green
Pink and Purple

Black with:

Berry Red and Pewter Silver
Gold and bright fall wildflower colors
Aqua Blue and Lime Green

Oh how our brides keep us on our toes!

And as far as wedding favors go, we ask our brides to close their eyes and imagine the most perfect wedding favor ever. Their answers remain pretty much the same here, too. Brides want practical, memorable and affordable. We do see personalized favors becoming even more popular than before, so we’ve incorporated all of their wishes into our newest wedding favors, too!

Are you a bride-to-be that wants to share your hopes and dreams for your wedding plans? If so, drop us a line at kate@theaspenbrands.com and we’ll tell you how to participate!

Looking forward to sharing the new 2010 wedding favors with you in the next couple of weeks! So exciting!

Laura Reed

Online Brand Relations Manager

Kate Aspen

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