Choosing The Perfect Wedding Photographer by Maria Linda Garcia

When I look back at the time I was preparing my wedding I would have had the knowledge I have now about photography. I was not aware of the different features to look for or things to consider when selecting a wedding photographer. I simply went with the photographer that my cousin used for her wedding, (where my husband proposed, a story of it's own one day I will share). The photographer did a great job as far as putting him self out there as he offered us a picture portrait of our engagement as well as capturing the moment of the proposal. Which I must say, it is a way to personality and of course, price.
We did not considered any of this when we chose our wedding photographer. So here are few steps to take when choosing the perfect wedding photographer for your special day.

The first thing to do is to determine the style of photography you like. There are two styles, traditional or photojournalistic. The traditional style is composed of posed portraits. This one is more of a classic style.
And then there is the photojournalistic photography style, which is about capturing the day as it happens in a more candid way. Very minimal posing is involved with the the photojournalistic style a no looking at the camera is needed. My favorite if I might add. And the most popular style theses days. There are some photographers that will incorporate both styles in their work, however the professional candid shots will dominate the flow. That is why it is very important you define the style you like the most as this is very important factor when choosing your photographer. Then, once you do this, you will concentrate on the photographers with that particular photographic style.

The second thing to do is after you have selected the list of photographers you like after viewing their work, based on your style of choice is to narrow them down according to your photography budget. And this is something most brides don't have. Photography is one of the last things the majority of the brides tend to put at their bottom of their list. And it should be as important as getting the dress and location for the wedding. The wedding photography is the only thing you will have left from your special day that you can cherish for ever. The photographer is the artist that will be there to record moments you might not even know or remember that happened and transform them into pieces of art for you to share and remember for ever. Therefore, when creating the budget for your wedding, make sure you include photography with a budget you can live with, without cutting yourself short.

A Third step would be to meet the photographers you have on your list. I feel it is very important to make sure you have some sort of a connection with your photographer. Remember, this is a person you will need to be comfortable with as this will show on your photographs. We all are, somewhat self conscious and it certainly helps when you have someone on the other side of the camera that you feel relaxed with and free to be yourself. You also want to make sure that what he/she offers as far as his image style and finished products are exactly what you are looking for. So take time to meet with them and ask as many question as you can think of to make sure all your concerns are satisfied.

These are the main steps to follow when choosing the perfect wedding photographer, style, price and personality. It does not have to be in this order. Ideally, in a perfect world price would be the last, as when you find the photographer that their images speaks to you and you like their persona, money would not be a factor. A photographer will be one of the vendors if not the only one you will remain in contact after the wedding and in many cases becomes a friend.

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