Gifts Under $50.00

Father of the Bride
"By Your Side Every Step Of The Way" Socks
Colors:  Black, Brown, Gray
 These are a MUST for your dad or the special guy who is walking you down the aisle on your big day!The newest trend designed by event designer, Erin Borges. Also ask me about the Groom's Socks and the Father-in-law socks I have for sale! A wonderful and unique gift for all the men!

Matron of Honor Pink Tote
This light pink tote bag with black handles and embroidered design is a great place to put the matron of honor's wedding-day essentials.

Flutter Heart Bracelet
$40.00/each (On sale now for $29.99/each)
Transcending language and culture, the heart symbol means love no matter where you go.

Cuff Links
$32.95/each (Blank Cuff Links)
$34.95/each (Engraved Cuff Links)
Well-dressed groomsmen deserve a fashionable gift. Silver-plated cuff links, beaded edge, 3/4" long.

Peacock Palette
Inspired by the opulent and regal colors of a peacock feather, DuWop brings you the Peacock Palette. Full of rich, high-shimmer eye shadows and bright and luminous skin balms.

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